Presentation Slides

Keynote Presentations

Marty Weintraub
Duane Forrester

SEO Track

Ian Lurie – One Trick Ponies Get Shot: Doing Digital Strategy Right
Brian LaFrance – Optimizing WordPress
Eric Enge – Hummingbird and Semantic Search
Mike Arnesen – Google’s Not Our Friend. It Never Was.
Jon Cooper – 30 Bite-sized Link Building Tips (deck not publicly available, contact Jon for a copy)
Mike King – Persona Driven Keyword Research
Amanda McGowan – An Analytical Approach to SEO
Kane Jamison – This Is What Great Content Looks Like
Casey Markee – How to Conduct an SEO Audit
Sha Menz – The Brand Building Smart Art Of The Link Removal Ninja
Bill Hartzer – Google Algo Update
Kate Morris – Site Crawls – What To Do & What To Look For
Eli Schwartz – International SEO Simplified
Brittan Bright – Not Technically, “Technical”? Survival Tips for Thriving in the Increasingly Technical World of Search Marketing
Kerry Dean – The Best SEO Advice That No One Will Give You
Zeph Snapp – Y’all Should Speak Marketing In Español
Derek Mabie – Digital Governance – The Role of the Search Engines

Local SEO Track

Darren Shaw – User Behavior and Local Search
Phil Rozek – User Behavior Affects Local Rankings. Now What?
Gyi Tsakalakis – Going Local With Social – Use The Social Web to Get Results
David Minchala – Excel Power-ups for Going Beast-mode in Local SEO
Dan Leibson – No Citations – Do Real Local SEO Stuff
Steve Floyd – Creating a Hyper Local Content Marketing Strategy
Thomas Ballantyne – Entering the Review Era
Adam Dorfman – Pigeon Overview
Will Scott – Pigeon? Shit. Who Cares…
Dana DiTomaso – Paying For It In Local

Kitchen Sink Track

Ruth Burr Reedy – Traditional Marketers Are Coming For Our Jobs
Ryan Jones – The Evolution of SEO
Michelle Lowery – Dialing it Back: How Creating Too Much Content Can Dilute Your Brand and Undermine Your Authority
Giovanni Gallucci – Search & Social Secrets with Photos and Video
Cindy Krum – De-Mystifying Mobile SEO
Scott Baradell – The Shotgun Wedding of PR and SEO: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

PPC Track

Larry Kim – The 10 Greatest PPC Hacks Ever
Steve Hammer – Demand More Out of PPC
Brandy Eddings – PPC Strategic Keyword Research
Elizabeth Marsten – The International Geek Exchange
Alan Morte – Beating Google By Using Google – A Solution To Adwords’ Close Variant Change
Christine Churchill – The Perils and Pitfalls of PPC
Jim Halligan – National vs. Local Paid Search: How To Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck
Christi Olson – PPC Holiday Planning for Slackers. It’s not too late!
Michelle Morehouse – The New Facebook Business Manager
John Gagnon – Bing Ads – Latest, Greatest, and Beyond
Adam Riemer – Monetizing Your Social Media
Susan Wenograd – 3 Ways to Improve Your AdWords (and Become Amigos With Google)
Sean Dolan – Remarketing
Aaron Levy – Persona Targeting for PPC
Kevin Adams – Adwords Bidding Tools
Mark Barrera – Making Media Convert: Running Tests That Matter

Social Media Track

Matt Siltala – How to Dominate Your Competition With Visual Creative Content
Dan Sturdivant – Rise – The All You Can Fly Airline
Mark Traphagen – Social Media Is a Waste of Your Time. Unless…
Michael Stancil – Paid Social
Greg Allbright – Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Avoiding Social Media Burnout and Keeping Your Motivation High
Jabez Lebret – The New LinkedIn – The Black, The White, and the Grey
James Loomstein – Reset Your Social Strategy
Tim Wagner – Why People Follow Brands
Jessica Nelson – The Proof is in the Attribution
Sean Jackson – There Is No ROI In Social Media Marketing
Brent Csutoras – Having Long Term Success With Reddit
Tony Wright – Linkedin Primer
Brad Besancon – How To Use Visual Social Media to Ignite Fan Passion
Purna Virji – How To Set Up a Joint SEO-PR-Social-Email Campaign
Brett Snyder – SEO & Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven
Randall Turner – Don’t Forget About Social In Local