Mike KingMost keyword research is just a list of keywords and search volumes. That’s not strategic enough for any initiative let alone Organic Search or Content Marketing. Good keyword research includes some determination of intent. The best you see in the wild is “transactional, informational and navigational” determinations of keywords. Keywords are just the vehicle by which people search to fulfill a need. The abstraction of keywords has removed us from the idea of a person looking to do something.

A keyword is a straw man abstraction of a user and their intent, mapping that to the specific type of people visiting your site gives a better understanding and helps improve targeting through content and metadata. Mapping keywords to the phases of the consumer decision journey provides more granularity to the understanding of what users are actually looking to do with their search.

This session will explore the idea of persona driven keyword research and provide actionable tips that will help attendees take their keyword research to the next level.

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