Matt Umbro shows PPC practitioners how to personalize ads by making them more granular

Matt Umbro - State Of Search 2016

Everyone says “market to the customer” these days. But how do you market to the customer with a simple PPC text ad and its limited amount of characters?

  • DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) but can be problematic.
  • Ad extensions are no longer a way to stand out, as they are now a requirement.

With everyone using the same platform, how do you stand out?

Ad customizers, of course!

And Matt Umbro of Hanapin Marketing and PPCChat showed us how.

Customizers allow you to control the content in your ads in a number of ways, whether it be pulling from a feed to show color or price, using a set date to show a sale countdown, or even to answer customer questions and improve click-through rate.

Matt Umbro showed us the basics:

  • You can use five customizers in a single ad
  • Your ads still need to adhere to the ad character limit
  • Unfortunately, you can’t pull multiple feeds into a single ad

That being said, you should ALWAYS have at least one static ad running, since ad customizers won’t work 100%. It’s also important to ALWAYS test your customizers before you run your ads.

How to creatively use ad customizers

State of Search speaker Matt Umbro

Many of us have heard of the countdown customizer (and Matt even wrote a case study on its effectiveness), but Matt challenged State of Search attendees to find more ways to make their ads stand out; Greatfully, he threw us a bone! He showed examples of ad customizer use…

  • Number of customers / social media followers
  • Showing a user’s city / state / location
  • Driving scarcity (like number of seats left)
  • Creating doubt and pre-qualifying users (leading to higher conversion rates)
  • Showing users more info about a product before a click

…and even gave customizable templates for users to play around with to get started with customizers. And as with anything, you’ll want to continually test.

In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, and customers and competitors are getting smarter than ever, it’s important to take every opportunity you can to distinguish yourself. Luckily, Matt Umbro gave us all tools to get there.

Have you effectively used PPC Ad Customizers?