Speaker: Rob Ousbey of Distilled

Do you share the feeling that a ‘marketing strategy’ should be higher on your list of priorities, but find yourself faced with too many more urgent day-to-day tactical activities?

Find yourself too consumed by tactics to think about the higher level right now?

Marketers are faced with a greater selection of channels, websites & services than ever before, and this growth in opportunities has also increased the complexity of creating a successful marketing plan. The planning process is often time-consuming & expensive, and may still not guide any actual action for your team or business, even after months of work.

In contrast, Distilled’s Rob Ousbey will share frameworks & tools that will help you create a first version of your new marketing strategy in a matter of hours – and he’ll show you how to sell it to your boss or client.

During this session you’ll gain an understanding of the different failure modes for marketing activity (and hence what to watch out for)

You’ll learn techniques for doing customer/persona/market research that don’t take months of effort & huge budgets. And most liberating of all, Rob gives you a¬†framework for avoiding ¬†‘paralysis by analysis’ and creating a marketing strategy that will make sense to your colleagues and boss.