Eli SchwartzHave you ever looked at your web analytics and noticed that you have a significant number of users visiting your website from outside the US? If you are not intentionally targeting non-US users, these visitors are likely finding your website organically. If your website/product is relevant for users outside the US, why not improve your SEO to bring more of these free users to your site?

The majority of the world and even the majority of web users do not live in the US, and you are neglecting a large base of potential visitors by NOT doing international SEO. Most webmasters and marketers might want to run the opposite way from any international marketing efforts, but in 2014 you can longer afford to not think global.

In this session, Eli will show you in a step by step fashion, how you can begin focusing your SEO efforts on a multi-lingual audience. He will cover tools that you should use, how to discover foreign language keywords and share ideas on how to implement newly discovered keywords and grow organic traffic. No Rosetta stone or passport is required to be successful at global

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