Get Your Artsy Fix in Deep Ellum

Rooted in artisic innovation and expression

Through public mural projects, local artists make Deep Ellum itself their canvas
Through public mural projects, local artists make Deep Ellum itself their canvas.

Get ready to be inspired

We know you have a penchant for online marketing, but do you have a passion for the arts as well?  If so, you have even more to look forward to during this year’s State of Search conference.

With all the hype about what Deep Ellum and SOS has to offer conference-goers this year, you may think you’ve heard it all. But lively networking events, industry-leading speakers, Deep Ellum hot spots, delicious Texas cuisine, and free transportation are not all you should be looking forward to.

State of Search is not just about lectures and business small talk. It’s about creating a memorable, valuable, and innovative experience. Hosting SOS in Dallas’ eclectic Deep Ellum allows this unique conference to do just that.

Deep Ellum is a lively East Dallas neighborhood with a rich history of culture and innovation. Developed in the late 1800s, Deep Ellum transformed from a small commercial and residential neighborhood to a hotbed for artistic expression.

The neighborhood’s continued dedication to the arts allowed it to become one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in Dallas. With flourishing community galleries, colorful street murals, and public artistic displays, Deep Ellum not only invites, but also provokes creativity.

Brad Oldham’s The Traveling Man sculpture series stands as a testament to Deep Ellum’s support of the arts
Brad Oldham’s The Traveling Man sculpture series stands as a testament to Deep Ellum’s support of the arts.

 Where can I find all of this creativity?

If Deep Ellum’s public mural projects and The Traveling Man sculpture series aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite for the arts, check out Mokah Gallery; conveniently located right within Life in Deep Ellum.

“Mokah Gallery, which will be renamed ‘Umbrella Gallery’ at the beginning of 2016, has been a staple of the Deep Ellum Art scene for over 7 years,” says the gallery’s curator, Abby Bagby. The gallery displays and stimulates a wide range of Deep Ellum expression, from established to emerging local artists. Bagby describes the gallery as a community that “invites artists to experiment and be as imaginative as they choose, in order to celebrate the act of creating rather than its commodification.”

Who will exhibit during SOS?

This year, State of Search attendees have a unique opportunity to experience the breadth of Deep Ellum’s art scene thanks to the community’s annual art show, Framed. This gallery of original art is open to the public and serves as a fundraiser that displays artwork from established artists, up-and-comers, and everything in between.

“It’s a great way for local artists to get their start by showing work in a legitimate Dallas art gallery alongside those artists who have shown in the past, some very highly desirable in Dallas art collector’s circles,” says Bagby.

Not only does the Framed community show give both new and established artists the opportunity to exhibit their work, it also invigorates the community by putting all of the proceeds back into the local art scene. All pieces of art are donated by local artists and the show ends with a reception and auction on November 29th.  The auction promises beautiful and unique pieces at unbeatable prices.

Have you registered for State of Search yet?

At the time of this writing there are less than 80 tickets left, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Buy your ticket today, Deep Ellum and SOS await!


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