Alex HougCross-channel remarketing is a fancy way of saying we want to increase the yield of our assets. Web remarketing is about following people around who just browsed an item or abandoned a shopping cart. Email marketing is also hitting people with messages until they buy. Social marketing is also people-based remarketing that’s not based on a browser cookie or email, but a native userid from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or another network.

The net effect is that you squeeze more conversions from your audiences, as you follow them across devices and networks. And you’re implementing tag management (usually Google’s free one that ties to Google Analytics), so you can keep your javascripts and rules in sync.

Come hear Alex share pro tips to implement cross-channel remarketing the right way. Get his checklist that you or a semi-technical person who works for you can implement tomorrow. Find out common mistakes that trip up search and social marketers, causing them to lose conversions. Make your Facebook and Twitter accounts work harder for you by integrating with your marketing automation system.

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