Greg AllbrightThe social pro working for a company today is surrounded by skepticism and ambivalence internally. Some don’t have time, some don’t care, and some will never see the point of using social programs to drive business.

Undaunted, the social media staff blazes a trail of championing the business case, success stories, and empowering employees contribute. They also must turn outward towards developing an external community of supporters of the brand via social, listen and respond to people via the company social channels, and publish helpful engaging content on a consistent basis.

All of this adds up to a recipe for burnout. Being stretched in so many different directions can wear you down quickly. It can cause you to lose your passion which is critical to maintaining the support you need internally and externally to achieve your goals.

The first step in overcoming this problem is to recognize when it’s happening. What are your triggers for noticing there’s a problem. Are you tuned to these triggers happening and can you recognize when you are burning out? The first step is always recognizing there’s a problem.

The good news is there are several easy and fun ways to patch yourself up and keeping waving the social media flag. Getting back in touch with your primary motivations, finding motivations from inside and out, and trying new things are great places to start.

Another key step to keeping your motivation high is to seek and use a support group of folks in similar social media positions. Meeting them regularly, being honest and confidential, and using it to share your frustrations, keep each other going, and learning new ways to find success with social will go a long way to keep your motivation up.

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