Speaker:Michael Edwards
Summary:Sophisticated digital marketers are taking advantage of the next chapter of Remarketing in AdWords. In this track, learn about the next wave of remarketing with Google AdWords. While remarketing was strictly a display tactic in the past, Google has now rolled out Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. Realize triple digit increases in conversion, and lower cost per acquisition with this robust remarketing tactic. Dynamic Remarketing for display, which has real time adjustments of text, image, and products based on the searchers past performance on your site. The sophisticated segmentation drives results. Finally, learn advanced techniques for creating remarketing lists and combinations with a single pixel on the site.
Action Item 1:Learn how to implement Remarketing Lists for Search (RSLA).
Action Item 2:Discover the power of Dynamic Remarketing Banner Ads.
Action Item 3:Create advanced Remarketing Lists and Custom Combinations.