2019 Agenda

The State of Search 2019 agenda is up! We offer the best speakers on digital marketing in the industry – people with real-world experience. This year you can take advantage of our site review sessions – we will have a breakout room so you can ask our digital marketing expert speakers your specific questions!

Day 1

TimeSouth SideBrazosLone StarJack Daniels
8:00- 8:45 Registration and Breakfast
8:45- 8:50 Conference Welcome / Opening Remarks
8:50- 9:30 State of Search Keynote - Jenny Halasz
9:30 - 9:35 Day 1 Instructions and Lunch Details
9:35- 9:45 Break
9:45- 10:15 Nagendran (Nagu) Rangan - Microsoft SEO - The Search Engines Point of View Jesse McDonald - IBM - Laying a Stronger Foundation for SEO Cameron Gawley - BuzzShift - Social Media Site Reviews with Navah Hopkins and Tony Wright (PPC)
10:15- 10:25 Break
10:25- 10:55 Casey Markee - Media Wyse - WordPress SEO Optimization: Beyond Gutenberg Justin Liles - Advice Local - The Technical Side of Local SEO AJ Wilcox - B2Linked - LinkedIn Ads: The B2B Marketer's Secret Weapon Site Reviews with John McAlpin and Keith Goode (Technical SEO)
10:55- 11:05 Break
11:05- 11:35 Kelsey Jones - Thruline Marketing - How to Create a Year's Worth of Content Ideas in Two Hours Damian Rollison - Brandify - Optimizing Local Listings with the Google My Business API Steven Hammer - Rank Hammer - Putting the M back in SEM Site Reviews with Greg Gifford, Jenny Halas, and David Mihm (Local SEO)
11:35- 1:00 Lunch
1:00- 1:35 David Mihm - ThriveHive - What We've Learned from over 20,000 Google My Business Profiles
1:35- 2:05 Panel on the State of the Industry: Steven Hammer (PPC), Casey Markee (SEO), Michelle Stinson Ross (Social), Blake Denman (Local SEO), Holly Starks (YouTube)
2:05- 2:15 Break
2:15- 2:40 Chris Lang - Klean13 - Email Inboxing: Your Best Conversion via SEO Blake Denman - RicketyRoo - The Dwight Schrute Code To Local Link Building David Szetela - FMB Media - Conquering Google Ads Display Advertising: The GDN Tamed Site Reviews with Martha van Berkel (Schema) and David Ogletree (Usability)
2:40- 2:45 Break
2:45- 3:25 Mark Traphagen - Aimclear - The Content Mindset: Why Content Must Drive All Your Marketing Channels Chris Silver Smith - Argent Media - Google's Quality Scoring for SEO Jarrett Shaffer - leftrightlabel - Facebook Advertising: Setting Yourself Up For Success: Basic To Advanced Tactics Site Reviews with Steven Hammer and Dave Davies (PPC)
3:25- 3:35 Afternoon Break
3:35- 4:05 Frédéric Dubut - Bing - How Search Engines Use Deep Learning to Improve Their Algorithms and Satisfy Users Kristine Schachinger - Sites Without Walls - Entities, Search, and Rank Brain: How it Works and Why it Matters Julie Jones - Imaginuity - *Winner of DFWSEM 3-4-5 Speaker Contest* Site Reviews with Chris Lang (Email Delivery), Jarrett Shaffer (Facebook Ads), and Holly Starks (YouTube)
4:05- 4:15 Break
4:15- 4:45 Bryant Garvin - Chamber Media - Level Up from a Product Seller to a Brand Builder - Video Marketing Arsen Rabinovich - Top Hat Rank - Triage and Diagnosis of SEO Issues Digital Marketing Jobs & Careers Site Reviews with Casey Markee (SEO) and Kelsey Jones (Content)
4:45- 4:55 Break
4:55- 5:45 Keynote: Greg Gifford
5:45- 5:55 Day One Closing Remarks
6:15- 10:00 Half Time Party and Networking - The Loft

Day 2

TimeSouth SideBrazosLone StarJack Daniels
8:15- 9:00 Women's Elevation Panel and Breakfast
9:00- 9:05 Opening Remarks - Day Two Agenda
8:50- 9:30 Opening Keynote - Eric Enge - Perficient Digital - Thriving in a Changing Google SERP Worldl
9:50- 10:30 Mental Health Panel and Discussion - Jenny Halasz (Moderator), Michelle Stinson Ross, David Ogletree, Mark Traphagen, Kelsey Jones, Aisha Willis
10:30- 10:50 Morning Snack
10:50- 11:20 Christine Schrader - Conductor - From Gas-Guzzling Siloed SEO to Electric Multi-Channel Marketing: Build a Holistic Strategy for the Future Francois Goube - OnCrawl - What I Learned Crawling 10 Billion URLs and Analyzing 5 Trillion Log Lines Navah Hopkins - Wordstream - Unlocking PPC Profit: Getting ROI Out of Any Budget Site Reviews with Blake Denman and Mark Bealin (Local SEO)
11:20- 11:30 Break 2:50- 3:10 Snack Break
11:30- 12:00 Dixon Jones - InLinks - Tips from the Top for Entity Based SEO John McAlpin - Cardinal Digital Marketing - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Automated vs Manual SEO Audits David Ogletree - Google Shopping Demystified Site Reviews with Martha van Berkel (Schema) and Tony Wright (Technical SEO)
12:00- 1:20 Lunch Break
1:20- 2:10 Adam Proehl - Nordick Click Interactive - Google Ads - Basic to Advanced Tactics Ryan Jones - Publicis Sapient - Top SEO Failures - Tactics Not People or Companies Mark Bealin - Search Lab Chicago - Local SEO Strategies for Short-term Wins & Long-term Dominance Site Reviews with Martha van Berkel (Schema) Michelle Stinson Ross (Social Media)
2:10- 2:20 Break
2:20- 2:50 Michelle Stinson Ross - Apogee Results - Analytics and Attribution: Measuring the Success of Influencer Marketing Martha van Berkel - Schema App - 10 Things You Don't Know About Structured Data Mark Barrera - Ziff Davis - Goodbye 10 Blue Links Site Reviews with Kristine Schachinger and Ryan Jones (SEO)
11:20- 11:30 Break 2:50- 3:10 Snack Break
3:10- 3:40 Dan Leibson - Local SEO Guide - Local SEO Court Wakefield - Children's Health - How to Scale Optimization for Voice Answers and Featured Snippets Mark Irvine - Wordstream - Evolved Text Ads: 5 Tricks for Writing New Ads After the Text Ad Reboot Site Reviews with David Szetela and Dave Davies (PPC)
3:40- 3:50 Break
3:50- 4:20 Dave Davies and Mary Davies - Beanstalk Internet Marketing - Rock Your UX For Higher Conversions & Rankings Chris Long - Go Fish Digital - How Google Views Your Site Differently Than Users James McNulty - UpBuild - PageSpeed Insights: The Ballad of Improving Performance Site Reviews with Chris Lang (Email Delivery) and Michelle Stinson Ross (Social Media)
4:20- 4:25 Break
4:25- 5:15 Keynote - Duane Forrester Discoverability: Search and AI's Impact On Consumer Behavior
5:15 Unofficial Happy Hour at Lockharts